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Please add new Agenda items to the top of the list using the EditText link on the bottom left of the page.

New Items

  • CU2C2 2007 Annual Meeting location (added by Pepi 4/13/07)
  • Preparing for Independent Affiliate Status application (added by Pepi 11/21/06)
  • Review of Consultation Conversation from Annual Conference (added by Pepi 11/20/06)

Continuing Items

  • GA (Pepi, Dee has reimbursed Pepi for payment, ad needs to be done)
  • World Ad (Pepi, needs Dee for payment? paid $2068 in dec is this another?)
  • LREDA Engagement (discussed 11/19/06 conference call)
  • Poster (distribution ongoing)
  • Publicity / Communications (discussed 11/19/06 conference call)
  • Website (Pepi needs to update, Felicity has made suggestions)
  • Benchmarking (Jon?, tabled until next conference call)
  • Resources
  • Date of Next Meeting (Sunday, 1/21/06, 9pm eastern, conference call)
  • CU2C2 Board Covenant? (Clarice, to post on wiki)
  • CU2C2 Scholarships? (Kevin, Kathy, Jon)
  • Approval of the Minutes (Everyone, wiki review by 11/24/06, approval tabled until next conference call)
  • Nominating Committee (tabled until next conference call)
  • Post-Conference Packet (Everyone, wiki review by 11/24/06; Mailed)
  • CU2C2 Member Survey with SASE (Kevin)
  • Heads up email re Post-Conference Packet (Pepi, done)
  • Legality for 501(c)3 of Proposed Scholarship Fundraiser with Powell's (Pepi, Kathy)
  • Dues levels for 2007 (added by Pepi 11/20/06, done; review again for 2008)

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