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Welcome to the CU2C2 Board Wiki!

Working with this Wiki - Start here if you're new.

To Do List - Use this page to list tasks that need to be completed for CU2C2-related projects. This includes action items and the individuals responsible.

Agenda - Items to address at the next board meeting.

Proposals - Ideas and proposals for CU2C2.

Promotions? UU World and other advertising, promotional poster printing and distribution, General Assembly booth and workshop presence, and other promotions resume writing services.

Conference? For planning, organizing, and promoting the CU2C2 2007 Annual Conference and Meeting.

Finance Budgets and balances, details on accounts, information on dues payments, and other financial considerations for CU2C2.

Minutes Approved and unapproved minutes.

By-Laws? Umm, versions of the by-laws, articles of incorporation, and information about our corporate status and filings.

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