January 28
February 3 2025
Southeast Winter Institute in Mid-Florida
Unitarian Universalist Retreat in Tampa, FL
Southeast Winter Institute in Mid-Florida
Unitarian Universalist Retreat in Tampa, FL
Jan 28, 2025-Feb 3, 2025
SWIM, an intentional community of Unitarian Universalists and friends, meets in late January for fun & fellowship. SWIM is held in Tampa, Florida at the Franciscan Center, an 8-acre urban oasis on the Hillsborough River. Hope you join us!

Enjoy single or double rooms with private bathrooms and linens furnished. The dining room overlooks the beautiful grounds and the river. The kitchen provides 3 professionally prepared meals each day. Many meeting spaces are available.

A beautiful pavilion on the river is perfect for outdoor gatherings

There are many fun activities available in the Tampa area! The airport is a short Uber, Lyft or taxi ride away so getting to SWIM will be easy this year.

  • The dates for SWIM have changed due to facility availability and the effort and expense of holiday week travel.
  • The links on the web site still refer to SWIM 2023 and will change soon. For more information email director@swimuu.org
  • We are looking for people to lead workshops or discussions for the next SWIM. These can last from 1-2 hours (unless you want to do something that meets on more than one day). Check out last year's program for ideas. If you're interested, contact director@swimuu.org
  • SWIM has a Town Hall that usually meets online two Monday evenings per month. Contact president@swimuu.org for dates and the link.
  • Watch this space for a link to the 2023 SWIM Mug Book. The online Mug Book does not include addresses, phone numbers or email addresses for past SWIM participants. Enjoy the pictures!
  • SWIM's web site works better on a computer or tablet than on a phone (this is under development).