December 27, 2022
January 1, 2023
Southeast Winter Institute in Mid-Florida
Unitarian Universalist Retreat in Tampa, FL
Southeast Winter Institute in Mid-Florida
Unitarian Universalist Retreat in Tampa, FL
Dec 27, 2022-Jan 1, 2023
Hello Friends,

Welcome to SWIM 2022, a Unitarian Universalist retreat happening in Tampa, Florida from 12/27/22 – 1/1/23. This has been a difficult couple of years for many of us, and it is heartwarming to me to know that we will gather this coming December with SWIM friends old & new. I have missed this gathering so very much.

We are excited to hold SWIM at the Franciscan Center, named to honor St. Francis of Assisi. The non-profit facility is run by the Franciscan Sisters of Allegany. The Center is intended to be a spiritual retreat center for people of all faiths. It has been a challenge to find a new facility in Florida for SWIM. Some of our requirements for this year were to be near an airport, comfortable private bedrooms & bathrooms (not just bunk beds in cabins), linens included, plus a meal service that we don’t have to staff and organize. We also want to stay affordable.

Many places we looked at were not open during our holiday week. Most of the ones that are seem to be connected to religious denominations that are more on the evangelical side of the fence. They forbid alcohol consumption and we like our wine with dinner, lol. The Franciscan Center is opening and welcoming. They value diversity & inclusiveness and support spiritual growth for all. They like Unitarians and I think we will be very happy here.

The biggest issue- having a great time! There are so many things to do in the Tampa area; the workshop & offsite adventure planners are having a hard time narrowing down the choices. What a good situation to have!

Hope to see you in Tampa on December 27 (we used to start on the 26th). If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me.

Carolyn Adler
Director, SWIM 2022